So Proud to be a Part of Cleaning for a Reason

So Proud to be a Part of Cleaning for a Reason

So loved meeting our wonderful clients with the Cleaning for a Reason Partnership this year!

Until there’s a cure … Cleaning For A Reason

CFR_imageFighting cancer is difficult enough, but living with it is even tougher and that’s where Cleaning For A Reason steps in. As a nonprofit serving the entire United States and Canada, we partner with maid services to offer professional house cleanings to help women undergoing treatment for cancer, any type of cancer. To date, we have helped more than 12,000 women with cancer with more than $3.2 million in donated cleanings, and partnered with over 1000 maid services. We’d like to tell you more! Join our Newsletter List and receive more exciting news and updates about our foundation.

You can help us build awareness of our foundation in your local area. The demand for services continues to increase as does the need for more maid service partners. If you currently use a professional maid service to clean your home, please ask them if they have heard of the Cleaning For A Reason foundation. Email them this Cleaning For A Reason brochure. Every day, we recruit new maid service partners with the heart and soul to donate house cleanings for local women with cancer in their hour of need.

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